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At DJH Engineering, we have worked with a wide range of industries across the globe to create entirely bespoke and unique projects. Previous industries include high performance motor sports, construction, defence, gaming and postal services. We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for any projects which require complete discretion. 


Suzie Marsh Pewter Animal Sculpture's

We have worked with well-known animal sculptor, Suzie Marsh, to create figurative pewter duck sculptures for the home or garden. 

Monopoly Figures

Pewter tokens included in standard editions of the family board game Monopoly were created by us at DJH Engineering. Editions included Disney, Euro, Rugby, Star Wars and the Simpsons.


Chess Pieces

Antique pewter chess pieces with swarovski crystals were designed for an American magazine to be collected by readers as collectors items.

Design Student Figures

We have worked with university design students during their studies to bring their design projects to life.


E.ON Wind Turbines Models

We have previously worked with well-known utilities company E.ON to create sea wind turbine models form pewter. All models were produced to scale and displayed in a cardboard presentation box to be gifted to customers. 

Character Corkscrew

The popeye corkscrew was made exclusively for The Table Theatre Company Ltd under license from King Features Syndicated Ltd. This pewter figure was designed in two parts for use as a corkscrew or figure.


Post Office Collectables

A series of hand-painted historical post boxes were made exclusively for the Post Office. Each figure was designed to a 1/19 scale and made from solid pewter. This collection was sold to the general public by Post Office Archives.

Royal Television
Society Awards

Each year we work with the Royal Television Society awards to produce a pewter head figure which is then  plated in 24 carat gold and attached to a perspex plinth. 


Awards & Trophies

We have experience of working within various industries to offer bespoke awards including business, gaming, automotive, sporting, TV and entertainment.

Scale Construction Models

We have a longstanding relationship with KPS Models - well-known model collectors within the construction industry. All models are built to scale with fully working parts to replicate even the most intricate details of the original model. 


Bespoke Giftware

We have worked with many gift shops and visitor centres worldwide to produce bespoke giftware items including keyrings, magnets, spoon sets and pin badges. Our customers include historic palaces, cathedrals, castles, museums and heritage sites.

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