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Our Process

Our modern factory facilities and extremely skilled workforce give us the capabilities to offer in-house design and manufacturing services - no matter the complexity of the project. We are able to offer full or partial design services to bring your idea to life. 

Step 1

Brief & Design

Our Research and Development team offer both full and partial design services to create a project that meets your requirements. At this stage we will ask for a project brief including measurements and finishes, as well as presentation and order quantities. If you have any imagery or drawings of your project idea, please present these at this stage.

Step 2

CAD & 3D Printing

At this stage, we will create 3D rendered imagery to enable you to visualise your project and get approval before we begin manufacture. If applicable to your project, we will create a 3D printed prototype at this stage.

Step 3

Manufacture & Assembly

Once approved, we will begin manufacture of your project. The first item off the production line will be sent to you as a production quality sample for final approval before continuing with production. This stage may take up to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and the quantities required. 

Step 4

Packaging & Delivery

We will work with our trustworthy suppliers to create a presentation and packaging solution that is not only aesthetic but also protects the product to prevent damage during transit.

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